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  • Ram Kumar: The Indian Master Series

    Ram Kumar’s brother, Nirmal Verma, couldn’t have described his works any better when he said, “History and memory become inseparable. There is something so delicately disturbing in his paintings. They evoke what we remember…creating an equivalence between memory and image.”

    Ram Kumar, the master of quietude and tranquil practitioner of abstract landscapes, has left his stamp of individuality on Indian Art forever.<

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  • Three works for animal lovers from trinity studio

    Animals have always been an underlying theme in art. Whether artists have used them literally or figuratively, with or without human subjects, they somehow command the composition and make meaning in ways previously unimaginable. Throughout art history, animals have served as vessels for happiness, distress, environmental issues, gender studies, and more.

    Most Artists have a fascination for animals and we can see them being reflected in their work. Here are a few art

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  • What makes an artist a master?

    Good and Bad Art has over the years formed a moniker often when describing art. I suppose it easier to simply say if you like the work you see and if you don’t. so, then what really is ‘good art’ and bad?

    Honestly if you ask me there is no bad art. For art is an expression, a perception, a thought, an idea, a story, a journey, a beginning, an end. Art is love, sorrow, jealousy and joy. Art is passion and hatred and abhorrence or disbelie

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    In a strategy in ‘Harvard’s Prjoect Zero’, students were asked to make careful observations and interpretations about how artists use color in paintings. After subsequent exercises on producing colour, the students were asked to name the colours they created accompanied by the feeling it invoked in them. This exercise led the students to reflect on what colour really meant in their lives and their personalities.

    Reading this experiment,

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  • Explore the world of Expressionism and Conceptual Art Work

    Indian forms of painting are accepted all over the world for their classy and the masterpiece. The art piece that is made depicts the lifestyle of that particular period. In the past, they are shown as carving or painting in poetry, handcraft and in various forms. So are you excited to see more about the artworks in India?

    The best conceptual and expressionism art collide with each in India

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  • New Blend of Stylish Contemporary Indian Modern Art

    The Indian artwork is a mode of imaginative expression, and the forms are numerous. Indian art forms have constantly evolved through a number of years. Different eras of Indian artwork like Modern Era, Contemporary Artwork might portray the aroma of expression and beauty.

    Indian Art in Modern Era

    During the colonial era, paintings from the

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