Mix media

What is Mix Media?

This art refers to a visual form that combines a variety of media in a single artwork. For example, if you draw with ink then paint over it with watercolors then further add some highlights in colored pencil. We called it Mixed Mass Media. We are very famous as the best Art providers in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Mixed Media at Trinity Studio

This displayed art form is very closely related to other art forms such as assemblage. This collage assemblage is a 3-dimensional sculptural form in which found objects are "assembled" together in a quirky and unique way. If you are looking forward to buy Mix Media online at low price then you got to visit our online store today!


Make your random thoughts come alive

The best part of this type of media is that anything can go with it!! However, you will need to take some ordinary precautions such as making sure that your foundation or you can say base layer is sturdy enough to accept whatever you throw on top of it without getting spoiled.

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